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toughened glass splashback finished in green and fitted in a kitchen blue splashback installed from worktop to ceiling cherry red backsplash fitted around window

Glass Splashbacks

Are you looking to order a Splashback cut to size? Click below to order your glass online and have it delivered to your door.

  • Toughened to British Standards
  • Smooth Polished Edges
  • Heat Resistant
  • Large Colour Selection
  • Colour Matching Avaliable
  • Maximum Dimensions - 3200mm x 2240mm
  • Machined Cutouts and Notches to allow for Sockets, Wall Units, Etc

An easy way of creating a unique and eye catching feature in any room is to panel the walls with Splashbacks made from painted glass.

Our Splashbacks are tailored to your Kitchen

When creating your splashback, we take all currently installed applications within your kitchen into consideration. Many glass companies offering bespoke glass will prefer to panel the kitchen in multiple pieces of glass around installations such as wall units. This is so they are able to machine as few cut-outs as possible, making the job easier and quicker and cheaper for themselves. Unfortunately this will create many joins around the kitchen which can spoil the final appearance.

We prefer to machine cut-outs and allowances into a single panel, removing the need for multiple panels and joins, providing your kitchen with the highest quality look possible.

Available in any Colour

We have a wide standard colour range giving you flexibility when designing your kitchen, while also providing you with the lowest price possible.

To view our full Colour Range please use our Standard Colours Browser.

We produce our painted glass products using Pilkingtons Low-Iron (Opti-White) so that the colour will remain pure and unaffected by the traditional green glass tint.

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Safe for your Kitchen

Kitchen applications such as hobs and cookers can pose problems for poor quality splashbacks, causing them to degrade and sometimes even break. This is not a problem when having our splashbacks installed as they are made from the highest quality Low Iron glass before undergoing a toughening process, giving the panels strength and heat resistance far beyond the requirements of kitchen use, guaranteeing you safety and extended lifetime.


Our Splashbacks are tailor maded to suit your kitchen, for a price, please provide us a diagram showing approximate dimensions and features required such as a socket cutouts, notches for wall units, etc and we will provide you with a quotation. We also sell Made to Measure Splashbacks in our online shop

We manufacture all of our own Splashbacks

Unlike many companies offering bespoke painted glass, we have our own processing factory sporting the latest in glass C.N.C. technology, giving us the ability to produce flat glass products to the highest quality in the shortest amount of time, for the lowest price.