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Floor Mounted Balustrade - Single Run

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Distance from the Floor to the tallest Balustrade Point (Including Handrail if required)

mm (Millimetres)

This is the overall maximum Width. Within this measurement we calculate the Channel and Glass dimensions.

mm (Millimetres)

Click here for a guide to measuring Total Width and Total Height

Shortly after your order has been received, we will provide plans for proposed Panel Splits before producing your Balustrades

Clear - Standard clear glass
Low Iron - Highest clarity available
Toughened Laminate - Two layers of Toughened Glass laminated together by an Interlayer of EVA

Supplied in this order:

Floor Channel

Click to view details

Suitable for bolting directly to Concrete or Steel through pre-drilled holes within the channel.

Maximum Single Length - 3 Metres.

Glass Thickness Compatibility - 12mm / 13.5mm / 15mm / 17.5mm / 19mm / 21.5mm

Channel Inserts

Click to view details

These Inserts are specific to the glass thickness selected. We will supply the correct type with your order.

End Caps

Click to view details

These plates fit on the ends of the channel to prevent the fittings being visible.

Insert Tool

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This tool allows the fitting of the Channel Inserts.

Bead Strip and Rubber

Click to view details

Clips on to the Floor Channel, sealing the fittings and cladding the channel profile for better aesthetics.

Technical Details

Click to view details

This PDF file contains the technical details of this balustrade system such as dimensions, load bearing and assembly.

Handrail End Caps and Corner Connectors are supplied based on Run Layout selected

Optional Fitting Accessories:

Clear Silicone

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Clear Silicone can be used to provide additional sealing to awkward positions.

Vacuum Handle Grips

Click to view details

These vacuum lifters assist the installation and positioning of the glass panels by providing an additional lifting point.

All of our products are packaged in wooden containers and delivered via Courier - please select the delivery destination and service required. When ordering multiple items we recommend the same service is selected on each item to ensure your entire order is delivered together

Please Note - we dispatch orders with multiple items together when possible for convenience. We dispatch our products using a Nationwide Courier service, should they experience any delay or issue we cannot accept responsibilty for this. Should an issue occur this typically would result in delivery taking place on the following working day.
If no date is selected we will dispatch your order in 12 working days

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