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We manufacture our glass products using different processes, determined by the requirement of the glass product to be made. Because of this, tolerance ranges do vary by the design of the item.

The edge type machining has the greatest effect on the dimensional tolerance range of the glass.

The tolerance ranges below describe the allowable variation in final dimensions sorted by edge type. While we do our best to make all of our products as accurate as possible, this page will help you determine which is the most suitable edge type for your glass.

Polished Edges with Square Corners

This is the most cost effective edge type available and is available with Dubbed Corners to improve its safety.

Tolerance +/- 2mm

Polished Edges with Radius-Corners

This is a more expensive edge type due to the extended machining process involved but provides the greatest level of accuracy and safety.

Tolerance +/- 1mm

Bevelled Edges

This is the most expensive edge type due to the extended machining process and the high quality of polishing required.

Tolerance +/- 2mm

Polished Edges (Shaped Glass)

Shaped glass such as Circles, Ovals or Rectangles with Radius Corners use the same edging process as Polished Edges with Radius-Corners. Because this process involves the use of CNC machining, this provides the greatest level of accuracy possible in glass.

Tolerance +/- 1mm