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Coloured Glass Samples

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2 Colour Samples - Posted - £4.99 inc Vat

Please note that all of our Glass Colour Samples are 6mm Thick. Colour appearance can vary if compared to the same colour that has been applied to a different thickness of glass.

Due to the small size of samples these are produced from Non-Toughened Glass and do not feature machined edges.

Press "Next" or select a colour from the drop down menu to see a preview of the colour


Glass is very sensitive to lighting, to it is best to position these samples to mimic where your final glass product would be installed, giving you the most accurate impression of how the glass will appear.

It is important to note that your device's screen will likely affect the appearance of the colours above due to the contrast and brightness settings used by your device. For this reason the above colours should only be considered approximate guides to assist you in ordering the correct colour samples.

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