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Toughened Double / Triple Glazed Sealed Units Online

Please Select the type of Toughened Sealed Unit you require.

UPVC Windows

Choose from a wide range of complete UPVC Windows (Frame and Glass included).

Available in a range of Colours and Glass types.

Double Glazed Units

Made using 2 panes of glass and is the most common window unit found in modern homes today.

Thickness - 14mm to 28mm

Double Glazed Units with Georgian Bars

Double Glazing with Georgian Bars. Specify the number and colour of the bars required.

Thickness - 16mm to 28mm

Triple Glazed Units

Made using 3 panes of glass, the latest type of sealed unit providing the highest performance available.

Thickness - 24mm to 52mm

Fire Rated - Single Glazing

Fire Resistant Glass for use in Windows and Doors. Pilkington Pyrodur, Pyrostop and Georgian Wired products available.

Thickness - 6mm to 27mm

Toughened Sealed Units

All of our Sealed Units (both Double Glazed and Triple Glazed) are Toughened as Standard providing the highest level of durability and safety. Un-Toughened / Annealed Units are available on request, however these will require special delivery arrangements as they are not suitable to be transported in wooden containers.

Ordering Sealed Units Online

We work to a 10 Working Day lead time.

If you require glass larger than the maximum sizes offered, please contact us.

Our Tolerance is +/- 2mm.