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Order Glass Samples Online

We believe in many cases it is useful to see samples of our glass products before deciding on which type you prefer, particularly when designing with coloured or tinted glass. This is why we offer online ordering of all of our glass types to help you get the perfect finish.

All of our samples come with reference labels on the rear face to help you identify which is which when handling multiple types.

Please Select the type of Glass Samples you require.

Please note that due to the small sizes of our Samples, these are not Toughened, however any Product ordered from us (except Mirror & Laminated Glass) with a length greater than 30cm (300mm) in either Width or Height are Toughened as Standard to ensure maximum Strength & Safety.

Glass Type Samples

Clear / Low Iron (Opti-White) / Tinted / Frosted (Satin). Approximate Size - 100mm x 100mm.

Mirror Samples

Choose from Silver / Bronze Tint / Grey Tint / Antique samples. Approximate Size - 100mm x 100mm.

Colour Painted Samples

Our Standard Range of Colours for Splashbacks & other Coloured Products. Approximate Size - 100mm x 100mm.

19mm Worktop Samples

Our Standard Range of Colours for Worktops. Approximate Size - 150mm x 150mm.

All of our samples are sent out by post and do not require signing on arrival.

While we do our best to make sure all of the edges are safe, care must still be taken when handling.