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Glass Manufacturing and Processing Factory

All of our Machines are equipped with the Highest Quality Diamond and Polishing tools to ensure the best possible finish.

At our Norwich based Factory, we have had the latest CNC machinery installed, giving us the ability to manufacture our own glass products to the highest quality and precision.

As well as manufacturing glass for our own customers and fitters, we also process glass for other glass companies which require CNC equipped facilities.

If you represent a company requiring CNC machining of "Own" glass, or would like us to supply glass also, please Contact Us with any queries.

If you have a CAD Drawing (DXF / DWG) of the glass item you require, please email it to us as we can load this into our machine to produce an accurate piece.

Glass CNC Machining

Our Intermac Master 35 CNC Work Centre & Intermac Master 43c CNC Work Centre provide the following machining capabilities:

Edge Work – Straight and Shaped

polished edge glass

Flat & Arriss as standard, other profiles available.


drilling with cnc

Holes from 5mm Diameter and above. Polished Holes from 30mm Diameter and above.

Internal Cut-Outs (Polished if Necessary)

polished edge cutout

Minimum Internal Radius - 6mm / Minimum Internal Polished Radius - 13mm.


polished edge cutout

Provides functionality to produce an exact CAD drawing of any template.

Brilliant Cutting & Engraving

engraved glass

Available in multiple profiles and Shapes, Polished & Frosted.


cnc milling of glass

Use our Online Shop to order made to measure glass products, delivered to your door.

Shape Bevelling

shape bevelled glass

We are one of the few processors still offering Shaped Beveling.

Cup Wheel Processing

5 axis cup wheel processing

Highest Quality finish, possible for both Shaped & Linear pieces.

Waterjet Cutting

Our Intermac Primus 322 Waterjet provides the following machining capabilities:

For more information, see our Waterjet Cutting page.

5 Axis Cutting

5 axis logo

5 Axis Cutting opens new cutting possibilities for many materials.

Cut Correction

cut correction of waterjet taper

The Cutting head tilts to an angle, compensating and removing the taper commonly found on waterjet cut parts.

Any Material

mixed materials stacked

Waterjet Cutting is one of the most versatile processes, allowing the machining of almost any material.

200mm Maximum Cutting

thick carbon fibre

Our Waterjet is capable of cutting through a slab of material with a maximum thickness of 200mm.

Glass CNC Cutting

To handle our machine glass cutting, we have had a Intermac CT37 Cutting Table installed which provides the following capabilities:

Linear and Shape Cutting

shaped cut glass

High accuracy cutting allowing for all varieties of shapes, even cut from the thickest glass.

Large Sheet capabilities

stock sheets of glass

Cutting of sheet sizes up to a maximum of 3800mm x 2790mm.

All Thicknesses

thick glass plate

Our cutting table can cut any glass thickness from 2mm up to 25mm.

Laser Scanning

laser scanning of a template

Laser Scanning allows for templates to be replicated in Glass with low tolerances.

Edge Polishing

Our Bavelloni Gemy-8 handles all of our straight-line edge work, which machines edges to a very high quality polished finish at speeds of up to 5 meters per minute.

  • Polished Flat and Ariss Profile
  • 3mm to 42mm Thick Glass
  • Cerium Finish
  • Float and Laminate capable

Glass Spray Painting & Sandblasting

We have installed a Nova Verta Spray Booth, giving us the ability to paint any glass to an exceptionally high quality finish for products such as Splashbacks and Worktops.

Our Sandblasted Designs are created with our CNC Vinyl Plotter and Sandblasted in house.

Requesting Samples of Machining

If you would like to see a sample of our machining to inspect the quality for yourself, please contact us with information regarding which machine processes you are interested in and your contact details.

Glass Processing Pricing

If you would like a quote on any Processed Glass contact us with information regarding the dimensions and required machining features (Drill Holes, Brilliant Cuts, etc).

Discounts are available varying by the quantity required, contact us for further details.

Bespoke Products

We offer a Template, Manufacture & Fit service to ensure you get the perfect glass installation.

Online Shop

Use our Online Shop to order made to measure glass products, delivered to your door.

Waterjet Cutting

We now offer Waterjet Cutting for almost Any Material not just Glass.

Contact Us

Need a question answered? Get in touch and we will be happy to help.