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Glass Cut to Size Online

We Offer made to measure Online Glass Ordering with Delivery to your Door. Simply choose a product from below to begin, then choose from shape and feature options and finally a suitable Delivery Date and Service.

No Sign up required | Selectable Delivery Date & Service | Instant & Competitive Prices | User friendly Ordering System Online

We offer delivery to Mainland UK, N.Ireland and Isle of Wight - Other destinations on request.

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Table Tops / Protectors

Order a Square, Rectangular, Circular or Oval Table Top or alternatively a Table Protector for an existing table.

Thickness - 4mm to 19mm

Maximum Size - 3200mm x 2200mm

Optional Clear Feet Free

Shower Glass

Choose from a range Shower Layouts with Fittings and Fixings Included.

Thickness - 8mm / 10mm

Hardware - Chrome or Satin Finishes available

Maximum Size - 3200mm x 1600mm

Glass Cut to Size

Design your own Glass. Choose the Shape, Glass Type, Edge Type, Holes & Quantity. All Glass types available.

Thickness - 4mm to 21.5mm

Maximum Size - 3200mm x 2200mm

Shapes - Wide Range Available

Double & Triple Glazed Units

Order Double or Triple Glazed Units for Doors & Windows. Choose Shape, Glass types, Spacerbar Colour & Gas Filling options.

Thickness - 14mm to 52mm

Maximum Size - 2500mm x 1450mm

Toughened - As Standard

Fire Rated Glass

Fire Resistant Glass for use in Windows and Doors. Pilkington Pyrodur, Pyrostop and Georgian Wired products available.

Thickness - 6mm to 27mm

Coloured Splashbacks

Coloured Toughened Splashbacks suitable around heat sources. Shapes, Notches and Socket Cutouts available.

Thickness - 6mm

Maximum Size - 3200mm x 2200mm

Fixing Adhesive or Screws


Choose from 6mm up to 19mm Glass. Toughened for additional strength & safety. All edges are machined and polished.

Thickness - 6mm to 19mm

Maximum Size - 3200mm x 2200mm

Fixings - Available

UPVC Windows

Available in a wide variety of Layouts, Colours and Hardware options.

All of our complete windows feature Toughened and A Rated Windows as standard.

Breakfast Bars - Fittings Included

Complete Breakfast Bar kits including all required fixings. Available in 10mm , 15mm and 19mm thick Glass.

Thickness - 10mm to 19mm

Maximum Size - 3200mm x 400mm

Fixings - Included


Choose from 10mm up to 21.5mm Glass. Toughened for additional strength & safety. All edges are machined and polished.

Thickness - 10mm to 21.5mm

Toughened Laminated available

Printed Glass

Print any image to the rear face of the Glass. Shapes, Notches and Socket Cutouts available.

Thickness - 6mm

Maximum Size - 3200mm x 2200mm

Fixing Adhesive or Screws


Available in Silver, Bronze, Grey & Antique. Shapes Available. Choose from Bevelled / Drilled / Safety Backed options.

Thickness - 6mm

Maximum Size - 3200mm x 2200mm

Fixings - Available

Coloured Worktops

Available in both 10mm & 19mm Thick Toughened Glass. Shapes & Cutouts Available for Sinks, Taps & Hobs.

Thickness - 10mm / 19mm

Maximum Size - 3200mm x 2200mm

Fixing - Adhesive Included

Toughened Laminate

Suitable for Balustrading, Well Covers, Flooring and more. Non Toughened Available.

Layers - 2 Glass Panels

Sizes - 3210mm x 2200mm

Interlayer - Clear or Frosted

Irregular Shape

Provide us with a template / drawing to follow. Click here to find out more about what to make a template from.

Thickness - 4mm or 19mm

Sizes - 3210mm x 2200mm

Usable Material - Flat Laying


Order Samples of any Glass Type including Painted, Mirror, Clear, Low Iron, Tinted and Frosted. Approximate Size - 100mm x 100mm

Postage - Included in Pricing

Sizes - 100mm x 100mm

Thickness - All Available

Fittings & Accessories

Glass Cleaner

Mirror Adhesive




Mirror Screws

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Ordering Made to Measure Glass / Glass Cut to Size

Our Online Ordering offers the following features to help you easily buy customized glass, tailored to your needs while providing the most user friendly experience we can.

  • Mainland UK Delivery
  • Tailored Optional Extras by product, such as rubber feet for Table Protectors or Safety Backing for Mirrors
  • Images to help clarify terms such as "Radius Corners" or "Polished Edges"
  • Instant Quote / Price for Glass and Delivery if required

How is glass cut to size?

Glass is cut to size in a similar fashion to tiles, in where an oil fed scoring wheel passes over the glass with sufficient pressure, following the complete path of the intended cut.

The cut is then “opened” by applying pressure beneath the scored surface from one end of the cut, resulting in the glass “running” along the score and separating entirely.

Typically, the cut glass will then undergo machining processes resulting in safe to handle edges, as a cut edge is very sharp. Because of these machining processes, the glass is usually cut “oversize” to be then machined to the desired “finished” size.

Lower thicknesses of glass can be cut by hand very easily, while thicker glass such as 15mm and above does prove difficult and can be easily achieved using a CNC cutting table providing a cutting pressure and accuracy that cannot be matched by hand.

Laminate glass cutting does follow the above methods, with the addition of cutting the underside also, as laminated glass is in fact two separate sheets of glass, held together by a PVB or EVA interlayer. With both cuts made, the interlayer is then heated to allow it to soften and stretch, making it possible to fit a blade into the cut and splitting the interlayer from the excess offcut of glass.

Important Info on Tempered / Toughened Glass

Tempered Glass and Toughened Glass are one in the same thing and describe glass that has under gone thermal strengthening. Tempered Glass is produced by first cutting and machining float glass to shape and size. Any features required such as Drill Holes or Internal Cutouts must be present before the glass can begin the toughening process.

The tempering process involves sending the glass through controlled stages of temperature using a Toughening Plant, creating high surface tensions across the glass, giving it increased impact and heat resistance. Due to these benefits, toughened / tempered glass is then considered to be a Safety Glass suitable for a wide range of uses and is commonly specified in building regulations when designing with Architectural Glass.

Once the glass has completed the tempering process, no further machining can take place, as this will cause it to shatter, so it is important to let us know of any cutout / shaped features required prior to ordering.

For further details see Wikipedia's Toughened Glass Page.