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GTW03 - UPVC Frame and Glass

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How to Order

Simply complete the information below and click "Proceed to Next Step".

Our ordering process will guide you through the options available when specifying your UPVC Window, providing helpful images such as glass appearance and frame finishes.

Once all of the options have been selected, you may select a delivery date and make a payment online to complete your order.

Features of our Windows

All of our windows feature the following as standard:

  • A-Rated
  • Toughened Glass

Need a different layout?

If you require a different window layout click here to browse our range.

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Delivery Info | Glass FAQs

Rehau logo, manufacturer of the pvcu frames used in our windows

When measuring for your window, please provide the measurements of the opening (size of the hole in the wall). Using these sizes we will make the necessary deductions / allowances.

All options selected beyond this point will fit inside of these Total Sizes provided e.g. Cills and Extensions.

This is the tight measurement of the openining's Width (Left to Right).

mm (Millimetres)

icon of a tableClick here for a guide to measuring Total Width

This is the tight measurement of the openining's Height (Top to Bottom).

mm (Millimetres)

icon of a tableClick here for a guide to measuring Total Height

All of our Windows are A-Rated and feature Toughened Glass as standard.

All of our windows feature Softcoat Glass. This invisible coating within the window reduces heat loss, while in addition allowing the heat from the sunlight to passively heat the room, helping to reduce energy costs.

Select the appearance of the glass to be used within this Window.

Select the colour of the frame to be used.

We offer Fully Coloured frames (coloured indoors and out) and Coloured with White Indoors (White Indoors with the Colour to outdoors only).

Selecting a Frame size allows you to match this window to existing windows you have installed. If you are not trying to match an exisiting frame we recommend the use of "Standard - 52mm".

Any frame size selected will fit inside of the measurements provided.

icon of a tableClick here for a guide to measure Frame Size

Select the colour of the Locking Handle required.

Trickle Vents feature small openings that allow for air circulation, which helps to prevent condensation, damp and mould. These are easily opened and closed by use of a small handle mounted indoors.

If Trickle Vents are selected, these will be colour matched to the Frame selected.

Cills are the Outdoor facing and are available in a range of colours and sizes

Select the Cill option required.

We will make the allowances required for a Cill to fit within the measurements provided, if a cill is specified.

Extensions allow for spacing to be made up without larger frames

Frame extensions allow the Frame to be spaced away from the brickwork in any direction, allowing for additional clearance for movements of hinged windows.

If Extensions are selected, these will be colour matched to the Frame selected.

icon of a tableClick here for a guide to Frame Extensions

(Extensions will be Colour matched to Frame Colour Selected)

Optional Fitting Accessories:

Low Modulus Silicone

Click to view details

Silicone is recommended to be used to provide additional sealing and reduce the possibility gaps.

Plastic Packers

Click to view details

We can supply the correct quantity and type of glazing packers, required to install this layout correctly.

Fixing Screws

Click to view details

These screws are to be fixed directly through the frame cavity into the cavity surroundings.

Please be aware, only Silicon supplied by us may be used with our frames. Using other Silicone sealants may result in damage to the Sealed Unit's air tight seal due to the curing process.

All of our products are packaged in wooden containers and delivered via Courier - please select the delivery destination and service required. When ordering multiple items we recommend the same service is selected on each item to ensure your entire order is delivered together

Please Note - we dispatch orders with multiple items together when possible for convenience. We dispatch our products using a Nationwide Courier service, should they experience any delay or issue we cannot accept responsibilty for this. Should an issue occur this typically would result in delivery taking place on the following working day.

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Fixing Glue or Screws

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Toughened - As Standard


Choose from 6mm up to 19mm Glass. Toughened for additional strength & safety. All edges are machined and polished.

Thickness - 6mm to 19mm

Maximum Size - 3200mm x 1600mm

Fixings - Not Included

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