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Toughened Laminated Glass

We offer two different services for this product, select the most suitable for your purposes based on the features provided:

Templated and Fitted

photo showing a toughened laminated glass staircase


  • Tailor made to fit your application perfectly
  • Measured and Installed by experienced glass fitters
  • Installation issues can be spotted by our team before producing any glass

Available in the following areas:

  • London
  • Essex
  • Norfolk

This service requires a bespoke quotation, you will need to contact us and provide your address details along with approximate glass dimensions and colour information.

Online Ordering from our Website

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  • A low cost solution for people who are able to take measurements and have basic DIY knowledge
  • Instant pricing information
  • Entire ordering process can be done Online in minutes
  • Shorter lead times and selectable Delivery Dates

Available in the following areas:

  • All of Mainland UK
  • Northern Ireland
  • Isle of Wight
  • Others upon enquiry

Templating and Fitting

We offer a templating and fitting service for any of our products within the London Area. If you would like a quotation for a Templated and Fitted product get in touch with us via email and provide your address details along with approximate glass dimensions and details.

All prices initially quoted from the details you provide are subject to survey.

A non-refundable deposit will be required in order to arrange a Templating Visit, however this is deducted from the order total.

About the Product

Our Toughened Laminate is made from multiple layers of Toughened glass, laminated together using an EVA interlayer. One of the fundamental benefits to multiple layers of glass being laminated together is that, should one panel break, the additional intact panel will still be in position while keeping hold of the broken pieces. Even in the event that all of the glass panels were to break, the interlayer adheres so strongly to the glass everything is held together.

We can produce Laminate in any combination of Toughened or Non-Toughened glass, catering for any specification required.

We are able to laminate up to a maximum overall thickness of 80mm.

Interlayers are available in a range of different colours and provides the possibility to have images such as logos, textile fabrics and frosted effects within the center of the glass.

Toughened Laminate is ideal for Balustrading, Doors, Partitions and Flooring as it is a Safety Glass and is commonly required in current building regulations.

Crackle Effect Glass / Shatterlam

Crackle Effect, also known as Shatterlam, is created by laminating 3 layers of glass together and breaking the centre pane.

To achieve this effect the centre pane must be toughened, however the Upper and Lower panel can be of any desired glass type, toughened or annealed.

Mirror can also be used as the rear / underside / lower pane to add a reflection making Crackle Effect glass suitable as wall panels, table tops and worktops.

All shapes are available along with cutouts and holes making this product suitable for a wide range of applications.

close up photo of crackle effect glass - also known as crackle effect

Switchable Privacy Glass

Using a special interlayer we can produce glass that can switch from Opaque to Transparent at the touch of a button, providing privacy when its needed. This glass is ideal for environments such as Office Conference rooms or an alternative use could be Showrooms / Shops where valuable products need to be kept out of sight during closed hours.

Both Partitions and Doors are available in switchable privacy glass.

switchable privacy glass shown on and off

Want a Quotation for Toughened Laminate or Switchable Glass?

We offer a full Templating and Fitting Service for all of our products, if this is something you are interested in please Get In Touch detailing your requirements.

Alternatively you can order Toughened Laminate or Switchable Glass using our Online Shop, which is able to both provide instant quotations and process payments.


Laminating multiple layers of glass together opens up many new design possibilities, as we can insert layers of materials or films with effects between the layers of glass.

By having three layers or more, Crackle Effect Glass (also known as Shatter Lam) becomes possible. This is usually achieved by laminating a Toughened panel in-between other glass layers, then breaking the Toughened center layer. An interesting variation on this is to have the lower layer made from Mirror, reflecting up through all of the layers, creating a Crackled Mirror effect

Leadtime / Turnaround

As we have to manufacture multiple panels of glass to produce a single Laminated Panel, we require a 15 day Working Day lead time on all Toughened Laminate and Switchable Glass products.

Bespoke Products

We offer a Template, Manufacture & Fit service to ensure you get the perfect glass installation.

Online Shop

Use our Online Shop to order made to measure glass products, delivered to your door.

Waterjet Cutting

We now offer Waterjet Cutting for almost Any Material not just Glass.

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